True Braid Fishing Line and Fishing Knots

"The Power of Braided Fishing Line: 5 Knots to Catch More Fish"

Fishing with braided fishing line has become increasingly popular over the years due to its strength, sensitivity, and durability. It's made by weaving together multiple strands of high strength, molecular fiber, creating a line that is thinner, stronger, and more resistant to abrasion than traditional monofilament lines.

A main key to success when fishing with braided line is knowing how to tie the right knots, as not all knots are equally effective depending on their application. Here we will explore the benefits of tying knots with braided fishing line and list the 5 of our favorite fishing knots to tie with this type of line. Tutorial links included.

Lets first touch on the benefits of tying knots with Braided Fishing Line. 

  1. Knot strength: Braided fishing line has a higher breaking strength than traditional monofilament or fluorocarbon lines, which means that it can handle knots better without breaking.

  2. Sensitivity: Braided fishing line is much more sensitive than other types of fishing line, which means that you will feel even the slightest bite or tug on your line.

  3. Durability: Braided fishing line is highly resistant to abrasion, so it can withstand a lot of wear and tear without weakening or breaking.

  4. Reduced line visibility: Braided fishing line is typically thinner than other types of line, which makes it less visible in the water, and can increase the chances of catching fish.

5 Best Fishing Knots to Tie with Braided Fishing Line: Links with great video tutorials from our friends over at Forest To Sea Adventures 

  1. Palomar Knot: This is one of the most popular knots for tying braided line to a hook or lure. It is easy to tie and very strong, making it a great choice for all types of fishing.

  2. Uni Knot: The Uni knot is another strong and versatile knot that works well with braided fishing line. It can be used for tying the line to the hook or lure, as well as for attaching leaders, swivels, and other fishing gear.

  3. Double Uni Knot: The Double Uni knot is a variation of the Uni knot that is used for joining two lines together. It is a very strong knot that works well with braided line.

  4. Modified Uni Knot: This knot is commonly used for tying monofilament or fluorocarbon line to a hook or lure, but it can also be used with braided line. It is easy to tie and provides good knot strength.

  5. Albright Knot: The Albright knot is another strong knot that is used for joining two lines together. It works well with braided line and is commonly used for attaching a braided mainline to a fluorocarbon leader.

Notable Mention: FG Knot: The FG knot is a relatively new knot that has gained popularity among anglers who fish with braided line. It is a very strong knot that is used for joining braided line to a leader or fluorocarbon line. However, it is a challenging knot to learn and recommend becoming proficient in the 5 knots listed above before using the FG. 

To sum things up, tying knots with braided line has many benefits that can help increase your chances of catching fish. By knowing the right knots to use, you can ensure that your line stays strong and secure, even under the most challenging fishing conditions. The Palomar Knot, Uni Knot, Double Uni Knot, Modified Uni Knot, Albright Knot and the FG Knot are all excellent choices for tying braided line to a hook or lure, or for joining lines together. It's worthy to note that there are many other great knots out there that are not listed, this is a few that we test and use frequently.


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